Vital Facts You Need To Know About Dwarf Hamsters image

Vital Facts You Need To Know About Dwarf Hamsters

Posted on July 12, 2016

Dwarf Hamsters are some of the smallest creatures in the animal kingdom yet the friendliest and can be kept as household pets.  In the wild, these mammals thrive in the desert, forests and grasslands. They are mostly found in China, Kazakhstan Mongolia, and Siberia.

Given that, Dwarf Hamsters like dry environments they also come with amazing facts worth paying attention to.

Humans Can Control the Sex of Babies Up For Birth

Rarely can humans control the type of cubs that an animal can give to? However, with Dwarf Hamsters the same is reportedly possible. By regulating room temperature where a pregnant Hamster is staying, one can achieve the desired sex of the babies.  Warmer conditions reportedly lead to boys while cooler conditions are favourable with more girls.

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During birth, the pups are usually blind and only start seeing when they are two weeks old. It is also possible for a female hamster to give birth up to 24 pups in one litter even though the average size of a litter is seven.  Female as old as five weeks can give birth although the same is not recommended

Life Span

Hamsters do not live for long; on average, they can stay alive for up to 2.5 years. Roborovski is the only known breed that can stick around for up to 4 years.


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The largest Dwarf Hamster is believed to be 13 inches or 33 cm long. These type of breeds are mostly found in Europe. The smallest on the hand can be 2 to 4 inches or 10 cm long.

Food Storage

Hamsters can store food in their cheeks to eat later.  They mostly use this tactic when they find food, but they are not comfortable eating at the time.

Hamsters Are Omnivores

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Contrary to perception, Dwarf Hamsters are omnivores and not herbivores. While in the wild, they hunt and eat insects for survival.  The incisor teeth also tend to grow throughout their lifetime thus the reason they like chewing things most of the time.

Not All Hamsters Can be Kept As Pets

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Not all dwarf hamsters can be kept as household pets. Out of the 24 species known, only five can make good pets these include the likes of Roborovski, Syrian Hamster, and Russian dwarf winter white hamster.

Hamsters are Not Nocturnal

These small mammals are crepuscular which means they are mostly active during the twilight hours. Experts attribute the same to the fact that bugs are usually active at this time, and the same protects them from predators.

Amidst all the fun and weird facts, dwarf hamsters are fun to hang around as pets as they love attention and interacting with people.  Even though there are 25 species of Hamsters in the world, the Dwarf Hamsters are the most popular.