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Are You Planning To Get A Pet Cat

Posted on July 13, 2016

Adopting a pet cat without proper planning can lead to unnecessary problems that could be avoided in the first place. Pets just like humans are attention-seeking creatures always in need of, love and care.  Before adopting a cat, one should see it as a long-term responsibility and commitment as these creatures depend on humans for good health, happiness and safety.

The following are some of the factors that one should consider before making that important step of adopting a pet cat.

Check with Your Landlord

It would be important first to check with your property owner if indeed you can have cats in your house. It would be embarrassing to adopt one and find that the property owner does not condone such pets.

Cat-Proof Your Home

Are You Planning To Get A Pet Cat image
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Given the size of cats and how energised they tend to be on a daily basis, it would be important to first put everything in its right place in the house before bringing one in. Keeping things like medicines and fragile things like glasses out of their way is important.  

Any unnecessary outlets and electrical outlets should be sealed to ensure the safety of the pet cat while it moves around playing. Given that some plants are toxic to cats, it would be good to have a sit down with a vet to be sure that live plants in the house will not in any way result in a reaction to a cat brought in.

Daily Feeding

Are You Planning To Get A Pet Cat image

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Proper nutrition is key to having a healthy and happy cat.  Feeding a pet cat twice a day mostly in the morning and at night is necessary for good health.  Foods with meat by-products or grains and dyes are some of the products to avoid. Fresh water available in an accessible place should also come in handy.

Daily Litterbox Cleaning

Unlike dogs, cats do not like going outside. Thus cleaning there Litterbox on a daily basis is mandatory if they are to remain healthy and maintain the sanity of the house.


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Cats groom themselves thus removing the burden of having to groom them on a daily basis unless instructed by a vet. Declawing should also be avoided, as the same tends to cause great suffering and could result in behaviour and personality change.

Veterinary Care

Are You Planning To Get A Pet Cat image
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Just like humans, taking a pet cat to a vet on a regular basis is necessary if it is to live a healthy and lengthy life free of disease.  

Just like babies, cats require attention and care if they are to remain healthy and accord an owner all the attributes of a pet. Cat-proofing your home prior to adopting one will ensure everything remains in order even as the cat moves around the house, playing.  Daily feeding and taking the cat for medical checkups on a regular basis are a requisite  for a long and healthy life.