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TherPUP: The New Pet Cafe in Bengaluru

Posted on July 20, 2016

BENGALURU: “A Dog is a man’s best friend” is a quote that has been around for centuries, now there shall be a place at the table at the TherPU in Whitefield, Bangalore where you will be greeted by Charlie, Jojo, Oreo and Tweety, their in-house cafe raised playful dogs.

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The cafe not only serves food to pet parents but also to their tailed buddies. People who don’t have pets are welcomed too.

While human guests shall have a plethora of options to choose from, the pets shall be served boiled chicken and rice. The menu for the cafe isn’t final yet but the cafe will open to in about a month.

A few years ago, Ankur relocated from Bhopal to Bengaluru. “I have always loved dogs. I grew up with them. But when I moved to this city, I was not allowed to keep a pet in my apartment. That got me thinking that there would be many others like me who wouldn’t be allowed to keep a pet or do not own one as they do not have time to take care of them,” he said.

“There are very few restaurants that allow pets in their premises. Even the ones that do don’t serve them special dog food. They share the same menu with humans,” he stated.

The in-house dogs are of varied breeds from age two-month-old pups to four-year dogs. “They will be welcoming to other dogs that are brought to the cafe,” the founder promises.

The cafe has been converted from a house where the ground floor shall be the cafe while the team of five-six members live with the dogs on the floor above.

Not many restaurants or cafes are open to pet owners bringing their dogs along but unlike many, TherPUP allows them to roam free in a massive 10,000 s.q. ft. area.

Ankur adds, “If the guests’ dogs are not friendly with our pets, the owners will be asked to leash them. We do not leash our dogs.”

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To conclude, we are excited about TherPUP and hope to see restauranteurs and cafe owners welcoming pets all over the country.

Address: 13, White Rose Layout, Abhayadhama Road, Mahadevpura,Whitefield, Bangalore – 560056.

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