Tips & Tricks for Potty Training Puppies

Puppy Potty Training, Tips and Tricks by Experts

Posted on July 26, 2016

Puppy potty training made easy is one of the biggest resources for a new puppy home. Here are some potty training tips to help you along.

You have the natural instincts of the puppy as well as their digestive tracts working in your favour. When puppies are born, they eat and go in the den. The mother will clean it up. By 4 weeks or so of age, they learn from mom that they need to go outside the den. By 2-3 months extending the den area is a very efficient method for housebreaking. The GI tract of puppies is very efficient and 5-30 minutes after the puppy eats, he will want to go. Be watchful and set a consistent eating schedule.

Forget the old methods of housebreaking

If the puppy has an accident in the house, there is no need for potty training frustration. The puppy has a small short-term memory. When you reprimand, the puppy has forgotten all about it. The best thing to do is to be vigilant and catch your puppy in the act, just calmly relocate the puppy to his designated going area. This will avert potty training failure.

Potty training tips:

  1. Before the puppy comes home, designate a spot in your home. In the beginning, excepting the feeding schedule, puppies will need to go pee-pee as and when they please. But the general rule of thumb is, add one to the number of months of age. So a 2-month puppy can hold for a maximum of 3 hours.
  2. As soon as you bring the puppy home, take him to the designated spot and say the word. If the puppy obliges, reward!
  3. Repeat this every hour or so for the first few weeks.
  4. The key to success is, reward the good behaviour, ignore the accidents, redirect when caught in the act and use consistent verbal cues.
  5. Clean the mess without the fuss and get rid of lingering odours.
  6. Gradually increase alone time and be consistent with your training technique. The rewards will make it a pleasing experience for him and he will let you know when he wants to go. Always heed your puppy and REWARD!

Once the puppy is letting you know he wants to go out, it means that he is more or less potty trained.