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How To Enjoy Vacation With Your Pet

Posted on July 13, 2016

Imagine taking a relaxed walk on the beach as your furry best friend occasionally runs around you to catch up or explore the new environment. The gentle breeze from the sea cooling you off from the heat of summer, your feet dig in the warm wet sand as you watch the sunset. Sounds great! Doesn’t it?

You are in for a memorable vacation if you are an adventurer traveller and so is your pet. Before setting off on your trip below are some tips to help you enjoy your vacation with your pet.

No one knows Your Pet Better than You

Unlike humans, pets cannot pretend to enjoy when they are really not. Cats are known for not being very receptive to travel while an old dog could be getting anxious and prefer lounging at home.  Both of you would have a miserable time if you insisted on such a pet to tag along on your vacation. Know your pet, read her mood if she prefers the current environment, please get her a minder and leave her behind.

Plan for Your Pet

Now that you are both excited about the vacation, while making plans, look for airlines, hotels, car rentals and other establishments that accommodate guests with pets. Be very clear on what you want and ask for a simple straight answer to your questions. Many establishments put up the sign “pet-friendly” to mean so many other things that may not suit your needs. Also, make an activity plan for your vacation that involves your pet.

Make a Checklist of the Right Supplies

Ensure all the basics are in your packing list and you actually pack them. Items like a well-labeled leash (with your name and cell phone number), vaccination records, familiar toys and a litter box are a must.

Don’t Forget the First Aid Kit

Whether you are going for a fishing trip or just visiting your grandmother, having a first aid kit on hand is very important.  You can either assemble one or buy a pre-packed kit from the shops. To get tips on how to handle various injuries you can download the Pet First Aid app from the Red Cross.

Do a Trial Trip

Before the take-off day, do a few rehearsal runs with your furry friend. Get her accustomed to the carrier as you progressively increase the amount of time she spends in it each time. You can then enhance by taking her for a short drive while in the carrier.  This will help reduce travel anxiety and keep them calm as you travel.

Remember the Paperwork

Before you leave, make sure you have all the tags ready and easily retrievable. These may include the vaccination records, identifications and health certificates.  

Don’t ruin your precious holiday  by forcing your pet to tag along, enjoy this precious time by planning well ahead in time for your pet, carrying the  right supplies, ensuring you have a first aid kit and confirming that your paperwork is right. This way you will surely have an enjoyable vacation.


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