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How Can Acupuncture Benefit Your Dog’s Health?

Posted on July 13, 2016

Originated in China, acupuncture has been an efficient way to relieve the human body from stress by targeting certain points. Needles are placed all over the body to stimulate the system, enhancing the circulation of blood and overall well-being of the recipient. As a result, people become more relaxed and at peace. Well, even your pet dogs can now enjoy the relieving benefits of acupuncture.

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Here are some of the ailments among dogs that can be treated efficiently with acupuncture:

Gastrointestinal Conditions

Because acupuncture regulates and corrects the circulation of blood, gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhoea can be cured. Your dog’s digestion can also be regulated as the needles stimulate its digestive system.


Musculoskeletal-related Conditions

If your dog has been injured, acupuncture is usually the ideal rehabilitation treatment. Conditions such as arthritis and hip dysplasia can also be treated with acupuncture.



Acupuncture is one of the best ways to relieve your dog from any pain. However, see to it that you have a detailed plan since acupuncture for pain management can be crucial. Typically, dogs undergoing chemotherapy are aided by acupuncture to enable them, brave through the complications.

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Respiratory Conditions

If your dog has asthma, worry no more. Acupuncture has certain anti-inflammatory benefits that will help your dog become healthier and stronger against these allergic reactions.


Skin Conditions

Dogs may suffer from various skin problems that will prompt them to scratch constantly. Mostly the conditions become more painful due to the itching. With acupuncture’s pain-relieving capabilities, the pain they experience is minimized— if not completely eliminated.

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Before deciding to get your dog treated with acupuncture, make sure that you have thoroughly discussed it with the vet. He or she will know whether your pet is ready for the procedure or there are other alternatives that may work best for your dog.