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Freshwater Aquarium VS Saltwater Aquarium, Here’s How to Choose!

Posted on July 13, 2016

Are you contemplating on converting your freshwater aquarium into a saltwater one?

There are many differences when it comes to either of these. The setups are quite different especially when it comes to costs, chores, maintenance tasks and other requirements for the fish.

A freshwater aquarium is the type of fish tank beginners chooses for their homes because maintaining a saltwater tank is comparatively difficult. But due to the availability of good filtration equipment, heavy-duty water pumps, salt mixes and test kits, beginner aquarium owners can now set up saltwater fish tanks easily.

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But there are some differences between the two that cannot be ignored.

1. Cost Evaluation

If you have a fixed budget for setting up an aquarium, then you should invest in a freshwater fish tank. There’s no minimum size required, you can begin with a smaller tank and limited fish accessories. On the other hand, if you’re keen on having a saltwater aquarium, you need to buy a 50-gallon fish tank (minimum) to ensure a healthy habitat for your fish and plants.

2. Time

The effort you’re going to put in is a very important question and makes all the difference. If you aren’t the person who has time to test the water and buy live fish for their meals every week, a saltwater aquarium isn’t the one for you. The freshwater tank doesn’t require you to buy any filters or pumps, thus being easier to take care of in a short period of time.

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3. Cleaning and Maintaining

Cleaning and maintaining freshwater aquariums are very easy. With a saltwater aquarium, however, special attention is needed in maintaining the cycle of the fish tank and salinity of the water. The temperature and filtration process must be looked after as well.

4. Environment

If you have freshwater fishes, especially ones that are low maintenance, you don’t have to worry too much about the condition of the water. Even if you do not put live organisms inside your tank, your fishes will be able to survive. When it comes to saltwater aquariums, however, you need to achieve a perfect balance among all the organisms inside the tank. The right combination of rocks, saltwater vegetation and fish must be taken care of properly.

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Thus, having a saltwater aquarium can be quite tricky, and if you’re a beginner, freshwater is the one to go with!