Pet Like That was founded by four pet lovers who hail from various arrays and backgrounds of expertise creating an ambitious and zealous team. Pet Like That is an initiative to redefine the pet care experience and help build a community.


At Pet Like That, we believe that pets contribute to making a better society and it is our duty to look after their wellbeing and have a deeper understanding of their needs and desires so they feel happy and loved.


We intend to play our part in helping pet parents and enthusiasts by educating them about the physical, mental, social and emotional needs of pets by providing sustainable products, design services and provide information to enrich the lives of their pets as they enrich ours and that of our communities through a comprehensive and interactive web-based platform.


We strive harder each day to find innovative ways to meet the needs of pets and make pet parenting hassle-free and a pleasurable process so you have less time worrying and more time to spend with your pet.